A wedding is the happiest moment ever in the life of someone. A lasting memory is created by the Songs and dance that are played on your wedding day. Your wedding day selection of songs and dances needs to include the Hip hop genre of music because it is the essence of a cross-genre mixing. Heather rocking out at Jay Z orP Diddy, Beyoncé or the Sugar Hill Gang, they all have a unique influence and should be played at your wedding day.


The origin of the Hip hop music stems from the DJ’s play mix of breaks that can span at your wedding. Wedding Hip hop medium dance songs and first dance wedding songs need to be a sound track with a wide variety of music that can make the couple and the guests very happy. The medium classic dance of your selection may include: ’Brass Monkey’’ by Bastie Boys, ’Rapper’s Delight’’ by the Sugar Hill Gang’ ’Hip hop Hooray’’ from Naughty by Nature, ’Jump around by house of pain’’ and also ‘’Baby Got Back’’ by Sir MIX a lot. They are amazing wedding hip hop dance that you should not leave out.


The wedding hip hop songs can help the bride and the groom young and fresh when they are entering the reception. Playing a hip hop song as the first dance is an idea which is great. In your selection, you also need to include funkiest tunes that the audience can enjoy. The following are the hip hop songs which are the best for the 2016 wedding reception party. They include a mixture of of new material and classics for the Ballard’s, cock tail hour and current dance music.

  1. “Let’s get married” by Jagged Edge. This song is the best hip hop wedding song that elaborates on how the couple will meet at the altar. It also says that they are not getting any younger and they can do the wedding.
  2. “I need a girl part 2” by P Diddy is amazing hip hop where the groom says that he want a girl just to look in the eyes and watch the sunrise and there can be no more lies nor crying.
  3. ‘’Best I have ever had’’ by Drake. This is the hip hop song that elaborates on the sweat pants, hair tie, Chilin with no make-up on. It will cheer up the bride to know that she is the prettiest. You should include this in your selection of the wedding music.
  4. ‘’Beautiful’ ’by Snoop Doggy and Pharrel.This is a great wedding hip hop which explains the how the groom smacked up the world because of the beautiful girl.
  5. ‘’Humpty dance’’ by the digital underground.
  6. ‘’You can’t touch this’’ by Mc Hammer
  7. ‘’Mama said knock you out’’ by LL Cool.

The modern first dance are also great and you can include’ ’The way you move’’ by the Outkast,’’Encure’’ by Jay Z and ‘’Teach me to Dougie’’ by Cali swag.

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