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When two worlds collide, it often spells "disaster." But, when two MUSIC worlds collide? It creates a symphonic sound never heard before.

awon-kameleonAwon & Kameleon Beats combines the nostalgia of old school hip hop, with the modern flare of today's Hip Hop culture. The music integrates a hint of Jazz Pop Culture intertwined with the classic base beats of hip hop. It's like something out of a dance film such as Step Up, Stomp the Yard, You Got Served and a classic such as Footloose.

If you have ever taken the time to listen to Hip Hop music, watched a dance routine laced with hip hop style, or simply wanted to explore other music genres - you may have heard the underlying beats, cadence and sounds building on one another to create something that makes you want to move rhythmically. That is the key piece of finding music that speaks to you. Does it calm you? Soothe you? Sympathize with you when you're feeling a certain emotion? Or does it make you want to chair dance in your car, no matter who may be watching? Hip Hop does all of those things, and more. No matter your musical preference, hip hop is one of those genres that can get you up and ready to groove, sit and ponder your day, or process whatever emotion is leading the charge in your day. And THAT is what Awon & Kameleon Beats brings to the table.


Brighter Days

Light The Way 02:53 They Pale In Comparison (ft. Marcus) 04:01 We Came Up 03:23 Music In My Heart 03:51 Live Flow (ft. Dephlow) 04:45 I Need Your Love 03:33 We Can Politic 03:26 Brighter Days 2 03:27 Party Or What (ft. F.O.U.R.) 03:18 Sour Diesel (ft. Mini Lee) 01:45 Still Waters 03:41 Online (Instrumental) […]

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Awon & Kameleon Beats​-​Unreleased

Heaven’s Light 04:15 Her (Love Deluxe RMX) 03:42 21 Grams [The Soul] 03:43 Strictly Underground (Love Deluxe RMX) 03:15 Planets 04:32 For The Grimey (Alternate Version) 03:36 Shelter 04:17 Love Supersedes (Instrumental) 03:27 Awon & Kameleon Beats-Unreleased by Kameleon Beats

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Love Supersedes LP

Awon & Kameleon Beats – Intro 00:53 Back With The Tracks 03:48 Never Say Never 04:04 Love Supersedes 03:27 For The Grimey 04:15 L.O.Z. (ft. Dicap) 03:54 The Spotlight (ft. FIV & The Gift) 04:24 Busy Dreaming 03:59 Spit On It (ft. Man J Raw & Mac Da Menace) 03:03 Audio Therapy 04:23 Push 03:46 […]

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"This song is serious! Lyrics are so dope, that beat too!"

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A wedding is the happiest moment ever in the life of someone. A lasting memory is created by the Songs and dance that are played on your wedding day. Your wedding day selection of songs and dances needs to include the Hip hop genre of music because it is the essence of a cross-genre mixing. […]

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Bio of Awon & Kameleon Beats

Life has been on a steady rise for Awon and Kameleon Beats. None of them rose to fame overnight, and on the contrary it has taken a good number of years to be actually where they are. A keen look at each of their lives prior to their meeting reveals this. Awon Awon was born […]

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Listen Awon & Kameleon Music

The added wonder of Awon & Kameleon Beats is the unique mix of old and new, and the jazzy underlying tones. Whether you’ve been following the musical journey of Awon & Kameleon since their inauguration, or are just starting to discover their sound, you will find a wealth of fan news, music and information at […]

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